Fortnite v9.30 patch notes: Chug Splash and a twist on hide and seek

Eric Abent - Jun 18, 2019, 11:02am CDT
Fortnite v9.30 patch notes: Chug Splash and a twist on hide and seek

A new Fortnite patch has landed, and the new item it’s adding to the game is definitely an interesting one. In v9.30, we’re saying hello to the Chug Splash, which is an area-of-effect healing item that will come in particularly handy in duos and squad games. There’s also a new game mode called Prop Hunt landing today, and if hide and seek is your game, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

First, the Chug Splash. This new item is a thrown item that heals all players within its splash zone. When we say all players, we mean it too – allies and enemies alike will be healed by the Chug Splash, so aim carefully if you’re in the middle of a close-range firefight. The Chug Splash can also be thrown to extend the countdown timers on players who have been knocked down, which is a nice touch.

Chug Splash is a rare item that’ll drop in stacks of two from floor loot, chests, vending machines, supply drops, and llamas. The item restores 20 health to anyone who is caught in the splash zone, though players who are at full health will restore 20 shield instead.

Then we come to Prop Hunt, a new mode that’s launching as a Creative code today. Prop Hunt supports up to 16 players and splits them into hunters and hiders. It’ll be the hunters’ job to track down the hiders, but here’s where the twist comes in: hiders can disguise themselves with pretty much any decorative item on the map. Fortnite‘s brand of hide and seek sounds like it’s pretty fun, and you can check it out yourself by using Creative code 6069-9263-9110.

Other miscellaneous changes shipping with this patch include some tweaks to the shotgun swap delay, which will now only be applied when players are carrying multiple shotguns. The Combat Shotgun has lost some long-range effectiveness, while the Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite have all been vaulted.

Finally, you can no longer ride projectiles fired from the Proximity Grenade Launcher, though the ability to ride rockets is still intact. Check out Epic’s full patch notes over at the official Fortnite site, or hop on and try out Prop Hunt and the Chug Splash for yourself.

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