Fortnite v9.20 patch notes detail game-changing Storm Flip grenade

Eric Abent - Jun 6, 2019, 9:22 am CDT
Fortnite v9.20 patch notes detail game-changing Storm Flip grenade

Fortnite‘s weekly patch has arrived, and this time around, it’s adding a very interesting item. The week’s new item is a throwable grenade that creates a mini storm wherever it lands. If you’ve got enemies who are holed up in defensive structures, this new item could be a good way to flush them out from behind their cover.

Dubbed the Storm Flip, this new grenade explodes on impact and creates a sphere-shaped zone that immediately begins expanding outward. When you’re in the safe zone, it creates a mini storm, while throwing it in the storm will create a mini safe zone. That could be particularly handy for pausing and healing up when you’re outside the safe zone, especially because the zone the Storm Flip creates lasts for 20 seconds and expands to get pretty large.

Storm Flips drops as an epic-rarity item from floor loot, chests, and vending machines, so don’t expect to find them all that often. They also have a max stack size of 1, so you definitely won’t be carrying very many of these around. One last thing to note is that when used to create a mini storm, this grenade will deal the same damage as the current storm, so it could do quite a bit of damage to unsuspecting enemies late in the game.

The addition of Storm Flip is definitely version 9.20’s most exciting thing, but there are a number of other changes worth talking about too. Epic has vaulted all Hunting Rifle variants, saying that they’re currently outclassed by the Infantry Rifle and that they don’t really fill a necessary role with all of the Sniper Rifles that are currently in-game.

Loot Carriers have also had their loot tweaked a little, with the chances of getting snipers and explosives decreased. Mounted Turrets will now be able to fire longer befor overheating, while the Boom Bow’s charge time has been increased from 1 second to 1.25 seconds to bring its power level down a little bit.

Last but not least, Sword Fight is the latest mode in the LTM rotation, so if you want to find some high tier loot with a chance of wielding the Infinity Blade, this is your chance. As always, there are also plenty of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks coming along with Fortnite‘s version 9.20 update, so head over to the official Fortnite website to see the v9.20 patch notes in full.

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