Fortnite v7.20 edit improvements removed due to surprise issue

Epic Games released its version 7.20 update right on schedule this week, but as occasionally happens, the update brought an unexpected problem with it. Users had a short while to enjoy the editing improvements that arrived in the newest update before Epic reverted them back to normal, explaining that it will bring the editing changes back in version 7.30. What prompted the change? Players couldn't shoot their weapons.

Players have expressed frustration over the delay experienced while editing structures in Fortnite. This delay can result in 'ghost shots' and add fractions of seconds to moves that result in missing a key opportunity or getting out of danger just in time. The new version 7.20 update, which was released this week, addressed the delay by starting the structure edit without first waiting for a response from the server.

The change brought a bug, however, one that wasn't discovered until player complaints started rolling in. It seems that when players would start editing structures while still in the lobby, a bug would prevent them from being able to shoot their weapons after dropping from the Battle Bus. That, of course, made it impossible to play.

Because of this bug, Epic decided to roll back the edit changes to the previous version, meaning the experience is the same as editing in version 7.10 and earlier. The company is working on a solution to the problem and will bring back the editing improvements in update version 7.30.

According to the version 7.20 patch notes, while editing delays have been addressed when starting an edit, confirming the edit could still be slow if the player has high ping or there's poor server performance. This is because confirming the edit requires sending data back to the game server.