Fortnite v15.50 update arrives Tuesday: Epic teases two changes

Epic has officially announced Fortnite update version 15.50, one that will arrive early tomorrow morning with at least a couple of notable changes in tow. As expected, downtime will start at 4 AM ET — and as has been the trend lately, Epic has given a preview of what players can anticipate.

Once upon a time, Epic provided Fortnite update patch notes — but those days are gone and though players still haven't forgiven the change, Epic hasn't reversed its decision to withhold these logs. However, the company has been tweeting some of the changes players can expect from upcoming updates.

The pending version 15.50 Fortnite update is no exception. In addition to noting that tomorrow will bring an update, it also said that players can expect the Hand Cannon to head back into the vault. A new item will be removed from the vault and added back into the game to replace the hand cannon, but Epic hasn't revealed which item we can expect.

In addition, Creative players can expect a new island size option, as well as localized Featured Creative Hub support. Whether the update will bring any other noticeable changes remains unknown, and though fans can always hope for something big, it seems likely this will be one of the more boring game updates.

This will be one of the final updates for Fortnite season 5, which has seen the arrival of many hunters for the season finale. At this point in time, it seems Chapter 2 – Season 5 is expected to end on March 15, meaning we're only a couple of weeks away from the launch of Chapter 2 – Season 6.