Fortnite v12.20: What to expect when tomorrow's update drops

Fortnite will experience downtime early tomorrow morning as Epic releases the latest update for its hit battle royale game. The version 12.20 Fortnite update will go live at 4AM ET / 1AM PT, after which point fans expect to get access to some exciting new changes, including important bug fixes and potentially a new vehicle.

As with past updates, Epic is timing Fortnite version 12.20 to happen in the early morning, meaning it will be ready to play by the time most people are awake (in North America, at least). Be sure to set your PC or gaming console to automatically download the update once it becomes available so you can get straight into playing on Tuesday morning.

Epic hasn't said much about what fans can expect from the update, which isn't surprising. However, a number of leaks have popped up in recent weeks hinting at what version 12.20 may bring, including one hot item: Helicopters. The new vehicle was teased on the C2S2 launch trailer and helipads can now be found throughout the game's island.

In addition to helicopters, players are anticipating the arrival of new firearms in the game, specifically scoped assault rifles in Epic and Legendary tiers. These weapons are exactly what they sound like — both are of the 'burst' variety and they were recently leaked by HYPEX on Twitter:

Beyond these two things, it is hard to anticipate what Epic has planned. It is possible that we will see new changes to the game's map — for example, a skull appeared in the mountainside near The Grotto earlier this month. We'll likely also see something involving Deadpool, but Epic is remaining quiet on that topic.