Fortnite update 17.10 detailed: Arena reset and a way inside the Mothership

The next big Fortnite update will arrive in the early hours tomorrow morning (for those who live in the Eastern time zone, at least). Epic has teased the biggest change that will come with the game's version 17.10 update, one involving the huge mothership that has been hanging out above the battle royale island.

Players can expect the Fortnite version 17.10 update to arrive at around 3:30 AM Eastern time (07:30 UTC), at which point the game services will be disabled and the update will arrive soon after. Once you download and install the patch, you may be able to explore the inside of the mothership.

"A new surprise descends," Epic teased as part of its downtime announcement. "A way inside the Mothership?" No additional details on this change were provided, but the message indicates that something will descend from the big ship (a tractor beam, perhaps) that'll enable players to get inside of the alien vehicle.

This next big update will also bring a change that competitive players were warned about before the season's launch. According to Epic, Fortnite 17.10 will mark the end of the game's competitive pre-season, meaning that all the Arena hype points will be reset.

If you want to be able to play post-update as soon as possible, be sure to set your PC or gaming console to automatically download new updates when they become available. This will be the first big update in the game's current Chapter 2 – Season 7, which brought an alien invasion to the island.