Fortnite tweaks Team Rumble because players keep leaving matches

The Team Rumble mode in Fortnite was a necessary addition that gives casual players a way to participate even if they're lacking the skills for a Solo match. This game mode is also convenient for players who are grinding away at challenges, but there's a problem: once the challenges are completed, players are leaving matches early in order to get into a new game. Epic seems to have added an annoying solution for this problem.

Epic initially released Team Rumble as a Limited Time Mode, meaning it was only available for a short period of time before it was released. Players loved this team deathmatch mode so much that Epic eventually brought it back as a standard mode. In the early days of the game, leaving a match before it ended meant that you lost whatever work you'd made toward a challenge.

Team Rumble now spawns you in half way through a game? from r/FortNiteBR

That changed at some point in the past -- when players complete challenges now, they can safely leave the match without losing all of the work they did. This has resulted in many players who join a Team Rumble match, only to focus on completing their challenges, then leaving the match early.

Team Rumble involves two teams with around the same number of players; when one team loses too many players early on, it makes it difficult for that team to win, skewing the matches. Epic indicated in the past that it would start adding new players in the middle of the Team Rumble matches when too many players leave.

It appears the company may have started doing this, as players have reported that they join a Team Rumble match, only to be dropped in the middle of a game that is already underway. Not everyone is happy with this change, but mostly only because Epic is dropping them into an active war zone without any weapons.