Fortnite Terminator and Sarah Connor skins revealed in new leak

A new major Fortnite leak has dropped, one revealing the upcoming Terminator and Sarah Connor skins fans have been anticipating. The leak comes only days after Epic officially introduced the Predator skin we'd been waiting for, underscoring just how many relatively minor crossovers are arriving in the game this season.

We'd been expecting the Predator crossover skin due to leaks, as well as Epic's own hints and the very obvious imagery found in the 'Stealthy Stronghold' location. Also anticipated has been a Terminator skin, but less has been known about it — until now.

What appears to be an official image of the two new skins (though Epic hasn't confirmed them at this point) has appeared as a leak from "FNinformation" on Twitter, where the user claims someone sent them the image and that they can confirm it is real.

The image reveals a Terminator T-800 skin, which means you probably shouldn't assume it'll feature Arnold Schwarzenegger's likeness, as well as a Sarah Connor skin complete with tactical gear and cool shades. There's no reference for when the skins will arrive, but it's safe to assume it will be 'soon.'

These skins will arrive as bounty hunters in the Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 storyline, joining the Predator, Walking Dead skins, and more. Per the season's story, Agent Jonesy is currently popping through other dimensions, finding formidable warriors, and bringing them back to the battle royale island for a big fight.