Fortnite Team Rumble tweaks: All the changes you need to know

In addition to the Fortnite version 8.30 update released this morning, Epic updated the battle royale game's Team Rumble mode, making a number of big and small changes. One of the biggest changes was an increase to the number of players a team must eliminate to win a match: it's now 150 instead of 100. Nearly a dozen other changes have been made, as well.

In addition to increasing the number of eliminations needed to win a match of Team Rumble, Epic also changed the final circle radius from 20,000 to 12,500. This provides less space within the Storm, something the company implemented to "promote a more chaotic game." This should cut down on the instances of teams spending many minutes hunting for a lone player hiding in a structure.

In addition, Epic removed the 1-minute delay from when the first circle would shrink — this, too, is designed to get players into combat and make the game more exciting. Other decreases include a 75% drop in odds of suppressed pistol spawns, a 50% and 67% decrease in Rocket Launcher spawns in chests and supply drops, respectively, and a 50% lower chance of Spike Trap drops.

That decreased Spike Trap drop chance has resulted in an increased chance of getting launch pads and campfires, however. There's a 50% greater chance of shotgun and Compact SMG spawns, 67% increase in Assault Rifle chest spawns, and now 100% chance of chest and floor loot spawns.

Finally, Epic said in its Reddit post that Team Rumble's Supply Drops will now drop two Legendary weapons and another two consumables, increasing a player's chance of getting shields and more powerful weapons. These changes arrived in a hotfix this afternoon and are now live in the game mode.