Fortnite Storm analysis predicts where the next circle will be

A new post on the Fortnite Competitive subreddit has shed light on how the Storm generates its future circles, specifically where players can anticipate new circles to form. The post has gained traction from players who report noticing a similar pattern, making it possible for serious players to improve their game plan and make decisions about where to head in the game.

Put simply, the battle royale version of Fortnite features a Storm that forces the players to keep moving. The Storm moves in waves, each spaced a few minutes apart. Players don't know where the next circle will be until the Storm has reached the barrier of the current one, adding an element of the unknown into the game mode.

Players have noticed that starting with Fortnite Chapter 2, the circles tend to favor the coastal regions in the game. If, the players have noticed, the first circle covers part of the edge of the island, the odds are high that the second circle and any subsequent ones will also skew toward the edge. Players can use this knowledge to their advantage (most of the time).

The 2nd zone is very predictable. Any time an edge of the map is in zone the next zone is very likely to go there. Have this in mind if you're already far away from the first zone! from r/FortniteCompetitive

Though some players have expressed doubts that this is true, instead saying that it is only an illusion caused by the fact that the second circle can't generate out in the unplayable water, others claim that they've tracked the circles and found that the pattern is consistent.

Assuming enough players learn about this alleged pattern -- and that the future circles are more likely to continue spawning near the coast -- it is likely that Epic will make adjustments to prevent players from exploiting the knowledge. Though it doesn't matter much in a regular game, it could give players an unfair advantage in competitive mode.