Fortnite Star Wars crossover: What you need to know

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 15, 2019, 11:24 am CST
Fortnite Star Wars crossover: What you need to know

Yesterday brought Fortnite‘s big Star Wars event, which ended up being a bit bigger than players had expected. In addition to the exclusive Rise of Skywalker movie scene, the event brought new Legendary tier Star Wars weapons to the game, crash sites with Stormtrooper bots, new Star Wars challenges, and more. Here’s what you need to know.

Crash sites

In case you missed the event and accidentally closed the in-game video before watching, check out the video above to see what took place yesterday. In addition to showing the Rise of Skywalker scene in Risky Reels, the event resulted in the Millenium Falcon blasting into the battle royale island. The Empire’s ships quickly appeared behind it, kicking off a laser battle between TIE fighters and the Millenium Falcon.

After the event, players discovered that TIE fighters had crashed during the battle onto the island; you can find these by looking for the black smoke they produce. Land at one of these locations and you’ll find half a dozen Stormtrooper bots that are surprisingly aggressive. Kill these bots and you’ll be able to take their Blasters, which have infinite laser ammo.

Blasters & lightsabers

In addition to those blasters that are available at the TIE fighter crash site, players can find lightsabers located in various places around the map. These aren’t terribly hard to find; you’ll need to search through chests to get the weapon, which can be used exactly how you’d expect.

In addition to being able to slash opponents, the lightsabers enable players to do Force jumps and to block shots from opponents. The laser swords are surprisingly capable of blocking shots, but they aren’t perfect — if too many people gang up on you, you’re still going to die.


For around the next week, Epic is offering Star Wars Challenges that give players the opportunity to unlock emotes and back bling related to the movie. Players can find these tasks under the “Challenges” tab within the new Star Wars card, which includes a countdown timer showing the remainder of time left to complete these tasks.

As you probably expect, the challenges include using the new weapons added to the game — you need to attack opponents with lightsabers, for example, to complete some challenges. A total of three rewards are offered to players. Note that the Team Rumble mode doesn’t include the Stormtrooper bots and blasters.

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