Fortnite Short Nite event brings animated films to Party Royale

If you're planning to spend this upcoming weekend at home, Epic is offering up a movie night to keep you entertained. The company has announced Fortnite Short Nite, a Party Royale event that will involve streaming short animations on the movie screen found in the game mode. The animated shorts are sourced from creators around the world.

Epic calls Short Nite a film festival offering a short-form cinema experience, one that will last around 30 minutes. The company published a teaser with clips from the animated content that will play on the Party Royale big screen, including an award-nominated project.

Once the 30-minute presentation is over, it will repeat and continue to do so for 24 hours, according to Epic. This means you can hop into the game at any point once it starts, go into Party Royale, and then start watching at whatever point you'd like.

If you want to watch the animations but don't want to pause your gameplay, Epic says you'll also get the option to watch Short Nite using Picture-in-Picture when in a standard battle royale match. This feature will be available every two hours once the streaming starts.

As a fun treat for those who attend, Epic says that it will release a JUMBO popcorn emote on February 19 at 7PM EST — in the Item Shop, that is. Assuming you purchase it, you'll get a seat to sit on and a huge bucket of popcorn to eat.