Fortnite 'Shadow Bomb' item leaks as the return of Shadow Stones

Epic Games may be gearing up to release a new Fortnite item similar to the Shadow Stones launched in the game's Season 6. Though those stones have been removed, players may get access to them — or something similar — as a consumable item that'll take up an inventory slot. A leak has revealed audio for the item, which was marked by the file name 'Shadow Bomb.'

The Shadow Stone was small glowing cube found in various places around the Fortnite battle royale island. This element was added back in September 2018 when the large Cube was traveling the map. Players who picked up a Shadow Stone would be transformed into a shadow, which allowed them to move quickly and (mostly) invisibly.

A tweet from Twitter user "Hypex" leaked an unreleased Fortnite audio file with the familiar Shadow Stone sound effects. An image isn't available for the anticipated future item, but the leak claims Shadow Stones will be returning as an item akin to the Rift-to-Go, which lets anyone carry about their own portable rift.

According to Hypex, the audio was found in game data with the name "Shadow Bomb," which has also been leaked by other Fortnite dataminers in recent days. We only have the audio to go on at this time, but based on that, we can assume the Shadow Bomb will function in a manner very similar — if not identical to — the Shadow Stones.

How players will react to the Shadow Stone mechanic is hard to guess, but there will likely be complaints from competitive players who have historically been unhappy with Epic's frequent additions and removals. The inclusion of an item that allows players to become invisible and fast moving would require some big strategic adjustments for competitive players who, for now at least, don't have to worry about invisible opponents.