Fortnite Season 7 finale is tomorrow: Everything you need to know

Tomorrow, September 12, will bring the big Fortnite Operation: Sky Fire event, marking the finale for the current Chapter 2 – Season 7 and ushering in the game's Chapter 2 – Season 8. The company has released all of the details about the event, including when it will happen, how players should prepare, and whether you'll be able to replay it later on.

The Fortnite finale event is called Operation: Sky Fire, and it will involve the Imagined Order invading the alien Mothership in order to take out the intruders entirely. Epic recently released a teaser video about Sky Fire that indicates there's a big secret inside of the Mothership, one that players and the IO don't know about yet.

The event will take place on September 12 at 4 PM ET. According to Epic, the finale's playlist will be available starting half an hour before the event; you'll want to get into a match in the playlist as soon as possible in order to claim a spot and ensure you don't run into any server issues.

The event can be joined with a full lobby of up to 16 players. The finale will be, based on what Epic has said thus far, an interactive battle in which players will need to contribute their firepower. This has been the standard for Fortnite finales over the past couple of seasons, including the big Ariana Grande event earlier this summer.

If you miss the event, you'll have to experience it through saved videos shared by other players — Epic says it won't be possible to replay Operation: Sky Fire. Luckily, the company scheduled the event on a weekend (depending on where you are in the world), so that should help as many players participate as possible.