Fortnite Season 7 downtime and launch trailer: What players should know

The next big Fortnite season arrives tomorrow and it will bring some major changes to the map. Among other details, Epic has revealed when the next season's downtime will start, as well as how to watch the launch trailer outside of the game and what to expect when the patch arrives (hint: it's going to be huge).

Epic has already scheduled the Chapter 2 – Season 7 'They're Coming' launch trailer on YouTube (below). The video will go live at 2AM ET on June 8, meaning you'll probably be able to watch it before the update finishes downloading and installing.

As well, the company is warning players that this patch will be bigger than usual, so make sure you have your PC or console set to auto-download the patch when it becomes available. The downtime for the next season will likewise start at 2AM ET, a full two hours earlier than usual.

The Primal season will be replaced with They're Coming, a season title that refers to the aliens who have started abducting players on the map. Likewise, Epic confirms that the makeshift weapons will disappear with the current season, though it's unclear whether it plans to keep the crafting system it introduced in Season 6.

A few teasers dropped thus far indicate the makeshift weapons will be replaced by futuristic alternatives. It doesn't seem Epic has any sort of big finale planned for its Primal season, which means we'll likely see Season 7 kick off with something dramatic to get players in the mood for an abduction or two.