Fortnite Season 5 has a god mode glitch, but be careful how you use it

The latest and possibly greatest Fortnite season has just released and players have already discovered a 'god mode' bug, one that makes players both invisible and invincible. This certainly isn't the first god-mode bug we've seen in the battle royale hit, and as with before, players should be careful how they take advantage of it.Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5 officially launched earlier this week, giving players a redesigned map with new biomes, including a bunch of quicksand. This sand, as you've likely discovered by now, will swallow your player if you stand in one spot too long. When that happens, you become a small fast-moving mound hidden from sight.

That's not the bug, but the exploit does involve the quicksand. Players have started reporting an issue in which the quicksand seems to trigger a bug that makes a player invisible and/or invincible, though the full scope of the problem isn't clear. An example of the issue recently went viral on the FortniteBR subreddit:

Players are becoming Invisible or having Godmode due to the quicksand. from r/FortNiteBR

It's unclear how, exactly, the bug is triggered aside from being in the quicksand; some players have suggested that it manifests only with bot players, not human players, due to some inability they may have to handle this new type of environment. Regardless, the bug exists and it's unclear how Epic may proceed with a fix.

As with any of these bugs, anyone can potentially use them, but doing so is risky. Epic has previously made it clear that exploiting these bugs to get an unfair advantage in a game may lead to having your account temporarily or permanently banned. The company says in the game's community rules:

Play fairly and within the rules of the game. Don't cheat, grief, team, or exploit bugs and game outcome impacting glitches. Find an exploit? Report it.