Fortnite Season 3 leak claims watery map changes and shark vehicles

A new Fortnite leak claims to reveal some of the changes that Epic will add to its battle royale game starting in early June when Season 3 is released. The leaker is a known streamer who has hundreds of thousands of subscribers; he claims to be very confident in his source, claiming that they previously tipped accurate information ahead of future game changes.

The leak comes in the form of a new video from Tabor Hill, who claims that back at the start of Season 10, his source told him that Epic was going to shut down the Fortnite servers, something he didn't believe at the time, but that ultimately proved true with the arrival of the new map. He also confirmed the arrival of fishing and more.

Fast-forward to the latest leak in which the source dropped details about the game's upcoming Season 3, claiming that the 'central point' in the new island will be a plaza that contains blue phone booths for changing skins in the middle of a game (ones from the player's own Locker). Hill was unclear about whether these would be in the main game or a Limited Time Mode, however.

The plaza will also allegedly feature games that players can select, including skydiving challenges and boat racing. The map won't be going back to the Season 1 map, according to the leak, which claims that the map will change 'quite a bit,' but mostly in relation to water. Hill claims on behalf of his source that the season will revolve around water.

To help facilitate travel in this water-based map, the source claims that Epic will add some type of shark-based (or themed) vehicle, but it's unclear how the player would interact with it to move around. The sharks will be joined by a female Black Knight skin, finally giving fans what they want — allegedly, of course. The source also claims the character found in a picture on Midas' desk will also be added, as well as a 'rehashed' Meowscles that features a robotic body, among others.

Aquaman may be the main skin of the battle pass season, fitting with the water-themed map. Players may also be able to design their own umbrella in the same way as the Maya customization due to its popularity, the source claims, also saying that Epic will add 'elemental fire damage' as well. With this, players could, for example, potentially catch a house on fire using something like a grenade.

Watch the video above to hear the full details on the leak.