Fortnite season 10 teaser suggests the return of a classic location

Fortnite season 10 is on the horizon, and when the new season launches, the map might look quite a bit different. Of course, by now Fortnite fans are probably used to the map changing dramatically in between seasons, but this time around we might be stepping into the past. The latest teaser for Fortnite season 10 suggests that Dusty Depot may be making a big return.

It's been a long time since Dusty Depot was transformed into Dusty Divot by a meteor impact, and at this point, Dusty Divot has been around far longer than Dusty Depot ever was. The change happened way back in season 3, so there are definitely a large number of Fortnite players who have never even seen the map with Dusty Depot as a named location.

Epic's teaser doesn't really give away very much, simply showing the buildings of Dusty Depot as they used to appear overlaid on a big "X" representing Fortnite season 10. The accompanying text only says "Think Back" while listing a date of August 1st, 2019 – the day season 10 is scheduled to go live.

The teaser was first shared during the Fortnite World Cup over the weekend, and it likely kicks off a string of teases relating to Fortnite season 10. Epic's modus operandi when building anticipation for a new season is to do so through a series of daily teases, so we'll probably have another one soon.

If Dusty Depot is indeed making a return in Fortnite season 10, it'll be interesting to see how Epic explains its reappearance. Will we be traveling through time, or has the Depot simply been rebuilt? We'll have to wait on Epic to we find out more, so stay tuned, because hopefully it won't be long before additional details come down the pipeline.