Fortnite Search and Destroy LTM leaks in recent game files

Epic Games released a major update for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 today, adding in a new weapon upgrade ability and more. Following the update are new discoveries shared by data miners, including evidence of an upcoming Limited Time Mode (LTM) that will be called 'Search and Destroy.' The LTM will be involved in a new series of challenges that unlock new rewards.

The latest Fortnite leak comes from notorious game leaker 'Lucas7yoshi' on Twitter, where he shared a tweet containing an image of challenges that mention the Search and Destroy LTM. Based on its name, it's likely safe to assume that this mode will involve having an attacking team and a defending team, though the particulars of Epic's version may vary a bit from traditional S&D modes.

The challenges list indicates that Seach and Destroy is a Creative LTM, meaning you'll have to hop into the creative map to play it in the same way one may play Zone Wars or similar games. Completing challenges in the Limited Time Mode will unlock some rewards, including what appears to be a skateboard back bling reward.

It's unclear when the new mode will be released, though it'll likely be soon based on the data found in recent game files. The news comes amid the new Fortnite update, one that is small in the grand scheme of things but quite large for the Chapter 2 launch, which has dragged on for many weeks.

In addition to the arrival of heavy weapons in the game, Fortnite now includes a new 'sidegrading' feature at the game's various upgrade benches. With this, users can pay with their resources to swap their current weapon out for its heavy counterpart rather than upgrading it to the next tier of weapon.