Fortnite: Save the World on macOS is the latest victim of Epic and Apple's feud

The feud between Epic Games and Apple has claimed another victim – Fortnite: Save the World on Mac. Epic has revealed that Apple is blocking its ability to sign "games and patches for distribution on Mac," which means that development on the Mac version of Save the World has essentially come to a halt. In just a few days, Epic says, Fortnite: Save the World will become unplayable on macOS.

"Specifically, our upcoming v14.20 release will cause bugs for players on v13.40, resulting in a very poor experience," Epic wrote in a blog post to its website. "Since we are no longer able to sign updates and release fixes for these issues, beginning September 23, 2020, Fortnite: Save the World will no longer be playable on macOS."

While Save the World's playerbase is relatively tiny compared to battle royale's playerbase, this obviously is not ideal for those who do play on Mac. The good news is that Epic will be offering refunds to "all players who purchased any Save the World Founder's or Starter Packs (including Upgrades) and played Save the World on macOS between September 17th, 2019 and September 17, 2020."

Epic will also refund "any purchased V-Bucks spent on Llamas on macOS in this period." The company says that refunds will be sent out automatically, though notes that players may not see refunds hit their bank accounts until October 2nd.

Those playing Save the World on macOS aren't entirely out of luck, assuming they own another platform on which Save the World is available. Since Save the World supports cross-progression, macOS owners can pick up where they left off on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC. Perhaps one day we'll see Save the World return to macOS, but with Apple and Epic both seemingly digging in for a long court battle, it probably won't be anytime soon.