Fortnite replay videos leak Epic's 2020 New Year's Eve event

Epic Games is expected to hold another New Year's Eve event in its battle royale game, this one to usher in 2020. Last year's event involved a disco ball and a lot of dancing; no one knows quite what Epic has planned for this year's event, but it's unlikely that it'll use the same theme. Players have started noticing clues about the company's plan in Fortnite replay videos due to what may be a bug.

Special events are a major part of why Fortnite has remained so popular; players have been able to gather together and experience unique, sometimes cinematic, events that put on a fun show and progress the game's storyline. Examples include the recent Star Wars crossover event, the Polar Peak monster fight, and more.

Disco ball in the sky has appeared for new years in replay! from r/FortNiteBR

No one knows what Epic has planned for its New Year's midnight event, though we can safely say that something will happen. Whatever that event is may again involve a disco ball, parts of which have been spotted in the sky by players reviewing recent replay videos. The disco ball isn't visible during the actual game.

Players are split over whether they want last year's disco ball to return for this year's event. Though fun, it won't lure in players who may otherwise be curious enough to hop on the game amid other festivities. Some players say last year's dancing was annoying after a while, so we may see the same general theme return, but with some tweaks based on last year's feedback.

Regardless, it seems that Epic does indeed have something planned and that something may involve a disco ball. There's a good chance that data miners will leak additional details in coming days, but Epic has generally done an excellent job of cutting down on leaks to keep things a surprise.