Fortnite Reboot a Friend returns with promise of free rewards

Epic Games has brought back 'Reboot a Friend,' which, despite its name, doesn't have anything to do with the reboot vans. Instead, Epic is encouraging players to get former Fortnite players back into the action by offering them free rewards in exchange for gameplay. How do you participate and get the rewards?

Reboot a Friend is simple: search through your Friends list and find three people who haven't played Fortnite in 30 days or longer. Send those friends invites to play and, assuming they accept, you'll earn points toward unlocking the free rewards.

You'll get 100 points to start with after playing your first match with a rebooted friend; every game played after that with one of these rebooted friends will earn you 10 additional points. The points can then be exchanged to unlock available rewards, including a Toxic Flash Glider, Plasma Carrot Pickaxe, Heartbeat Wrap, and Reboot a Friend Spray.

You can find your potential 'reboot' squad by heading over to the Reboot a Friend website and signing into your Epic account. Once signed in, you'll be presented with a dashboard where you can 'reboot' three friends who haven't played in at least 30 days (the tool will find them for you).

Once they accept the invitation, you'll be able to fire up a match and start playing to earn points. The latest 'Reboot a Friend' event will be available until April 26, after which point the free rewards will no longer be available. You can also participate if you don't have any friends you can reboot, but you'll miss out on the initial 100-point bonus.