Fortnite real money purchases will go down before tomorrow’s update

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 5, 2019, 7:47 pm CDT
Fortnite real money purchases will go down before tomorrow’s update

On June 6, Epic Games will release the next update for Fortnite, bringing a number of changes and improvements, as expected. The update isn’t unusual — Epic releases them in the middle of the week on a regular basis and has for many months. This time around, the company warns there will be one atypical addition: it’ll take down real-money purchases before downtime begins.

The Fortnite version 9.20 update will officially be released at 4AM ET / 1AM PT according to a tweet from Epic published on June 5. The company followed that up with a second tweet advising players that they won’t be able to make cash purchases — that is, purchases involving real money instead of V-bucks.

This real money purchase restriction will start one hour before the update downtime starts, meaning players won’t be able to spend real money in the game starting at midnight in the Pacific time zone and 3AM in the Eastern time zone. Epic says the purchasing restriction is because the company needs more time to perform ‘additional maintenance.’

Fortnite leaks have been lacking due to a void of information in the game’s update files, so this week’s changes are unclear. Players are expecting something to happen at Polar Peak, where the iceberg has been shuddering and ejecting ice for a number of days.

Players are also hoping for an adjustment to the shotgun drop rate, which has been seriously lacking since the introduction of the combat shotgun. Epic removed the popular pump shotgun with the combat version’s introduction, and players have complained about an inability to find any shotgun at all, especially once that isn’t is a grey tactical.

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