Fortnite Raise the Cup tournament revealed: How to get the emote prize

A day after its app store drama and matchmaking outage, Epic Games is back with some lighthearted news: a new tournament. The Raise the Cup tournament will give players the chance to win a new emote that will later be made available for everyone else to purchase in the Item Shop. The event will be entirely digital and accessible through Fortnite's Arena mode.

The event will take place on August 18 in all regions where Fortnite is available, according to Epic. It seems reasonable to assume that the tournament will only be available on consoles and PC given its current mobile issues at the moment, but the company doesn't specify the platforms that will be eligible.

As expected, players themselves must be eligible to participate in the game. In this case, that means ranking in the Open League — either Division I, II, III, or beyond — before the tournament starts for the player's particular region. When participating, players can expect the tournament to last around three hours.

Every player will get to play up to 10 games, which essentially mirrors past Arena tournaments, such as the one weeks ago for the Galaxy Scout Skin and wrap. The most points will come from a Victory Royale, obviously, at 30 each. Fewer points are assigned for coming in at lesser positions down to the 20th. As well, every elimination during the game will result in two points.

The Raise the Cup emote will be granted to the top players in every region, with the exact amount varying by the server region. Those in NA-East, for example, will get the emote at up to the 650th place, while NA-West is capped at 250, Brazil at 250, Asia/Oceania/Middle East at 125 each, and Europe at 1,000. The complete tournament rules and details can be found on Epic's website here.