Fortnite PSA: Walking near this Fatal Fields spot will kill you

The entire point of Fortnite: Battle Royale is to survive, and so that makes this particular bug especially problematic. Epic Games has acknowledged reports of an issue that causes players to be eliminated if they walk in a certain spot near Fatal Fields. Though the company promises that it'll push out a bug fix soon, the issue remains live at this time and could cost you dearly as you near victory.

The issue revolves around the 'Fork Knife' destination near Fatal Fields, the game's farm land Named Location. Not familiar with the spot? You've likely passed through it more than a few times, but it doesn't officially exist as a Named Location (that is, it doesn't show up on the map), and its unusual shape as a fork and knife is only visible from the air.

The Fork Knife destination is the area of land near Fatal Fields that sinks down into the ground; it looks like long etches in the landscape, and both spots are filled with rocks and a few items. For some unknown reason, according to players, walking around the Fork Knife spot will cause you to be eliminated even if no one is around to take you out.

This unfortunate glitch has booted more than a couple people from their games and, assuming it happens during Solo or some other mode without respawning, could destroy one's shot at a personal victory. Reports from players prompted Epic to confirm the issue on its Twitter yesterday, where it said that it will release a fix "shortly."

It doesn't appear the issue impacts the entire area, but instead one very specific spot. Reddit user "Clemeeent" shared an image with a red X that marks the (deadly) spot earlier this week. Presumably the fix will arrive in the game's next update, but no specific date was provided.