Fortnite PSA: Don't watch Party Royale's Short Nite if you're a streamer

Today is the last day in Epic's Short Nite event for Fortnite players, one that involves the big screen in the Party Royale mode. If you were planning to watch the animated content before it disappears, Epic has one warning: skip it if you're a game streamer unless you want a copyright issue.

As previously announced, Short Nite is a weekend event that involves Fortnite players being able to watch half an hour of short animated movies in Party Royale mode, which has a large outdoor theater where Epic has previously played things like extended movie trailers.

The content is playing every half an hour, meaning you can pop in at any time today to start watching. The company has released a trailer for the 'cinematic experience,' revealing the type of short features you can expect to see. More recently, it also returned with a warning:

If you do stream the animated content, it will appear blacked out, according to a tweet on the official Fortnite status page. It's probably best to avoid streaming the content entirely, given the fact that it is copyrighted and an accidental inclusion may result in the video being taken down, demonetized, or possibly even cause a copyright strike (depending on the platform).

Today is the last day to watch the animated shorts before they disappear. If you want to watch the content and play the game, you'll have the option of watching the event in Picture-in-Picture mode, which will require a bit of scheduling as it is only available every two hours.