Fortnite Power Leveling weekend is live: Get Supercharged XP bonus

Epic Games has announced the arrival of Power Leveling weekend in its hit battle royale game Fortnite. Today through early Sunday morning, players can log into the game to unlock a Supercharged XP perk, helping them rake in more points during gameplay to unlock Battle Pass items at a faster rate.Fortnite Power Leveling weekends are exactly what they sound like: multi-day events during which players can add a supercharged multiplier to their XP, making it possible to rake in a large number of points during regular gameplay, particularly when completing punchcards and other quests. This can result in earning a considerable number of Battle Stars in a short period of time.

The Power Leveling weekend is a welcomed addition to Season 8, which had been criticized early on due to the slow rate at which players earned XP. There were concerns the season would require excessive grinding to complete the Battle Pass, but Epic addressed these complaints with an adjustment in late September.

Players can get the Supercharged XP bonus simply by logging into the game like usual. You'll know you have the bonus when the small, glowing "Supercharged XP" identifier appears above the left-hand side of the XP bar found at the bottom of the screen during gameplay. Epic says Fortnite players have until 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET to unlock the bonus.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 features a total of 9 Battle Pass pages, each filled with items that can be unlocked using Battle Stars earned during gameplay. In addition, the game now allows players to 'superlevel,' which means exceeding the standard Battle Pass levels to unlock additional rewards like style variants and weapon wraps.