Fortnite Playground LTM disappears July 12, but don't worry

When Epic Games finally launched a map where players can practice, it came with one glaring warning: "Limited Time Mode." The note on the Playground LTM entry revealed that Epic would only make the mode available for a limited amount of time, adding it to the roster of other things it would introduce, only to later remove. Fortunately, that removal won't be permanent.READ: Playground 'Don't fill' bug: how to fix this annoying issue

Playground, for those unaware, is a new game mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale that allows players to enter the island alone, with only a couple friends, or as part of a random squad. Within this mode, deaths result in respawning, it takes only seconds to max out your resources, and llamas are found around every corner. Each Playground session lasts one hour before the storm takes over.

Players have praised the mode as not only a way to practice shooting, building and editing skills, but also as a fun alternative where it's possible to get creative. We've already seen interesting traps, buildings, and other structures that wouldn't be possible in the regular BR game due to other players and the storm.

However, the prospect of losing access to Playground in the near future resulted in Internet begging, with fans requesting (and demanding) that Epic leave Playground as a permanent installation. This evening, Epic Games confirmed that it will make Playground a permanent mode with future plans already in the pipeline.

Confirmation came on the official Epic Twitch account, plus more details were provided on Reddit's FortniteBR subreddit, where the company said that it is already working on "the next version" of Playground. The company warns that Playground LTM will be disappearing on July 12 for additional work. However, the company promises that the next version will include more features, including the following:

1v1s and 2v2s

Aim assist for controllers

Editing other player's structures

Traps affecting teammates/enemies correctly

Highlighting teammates on the map

Damaging enemies with your pickaxe

SOURCE: Reddit