Fortnite players have already found a Predator invisibility glitch

Well, that didn't take long. The Predator skin finally arrived in Fortnite today, giving players access to a new bounty hunter with an awesome Mythic-tier cloaking device. The only problem? Players have already discovered a glitch that enables the invisibility cloak to stay persistently active during the entire match.

As you'd expect, the Predator's cloaking device is limited — it'll turn you invisible for a short while, but then you'll start to flash with a white shade before returning to normal. The new exploit was discovered by YouTuber 'Glitch King,' but it's not super practical.

The good news, assuming you want to try it out for yourself, is that this particular glitch is actually pretty easy to perform, unlike some of them. The downside is that you have to disconnect your Internet for about half a minute when the invisibility cloak starts flashing, then plug it back in and wait for the game to reconnect.

As well, this exploit seems to put the Predator skin into a perpetual flashing mode, meaning you won't be entirely invisible as when initially activating the cloaking device. However, you'd still have an advantage over other players who would struggle to keep track of your location.

As with any exploit, you'll want to avoid using this bug for your advantage during gameplay — it's fine to check it out for fun, then leave the match, but if you use an exploit to cheat at games, particularly competitive play, you may put your account at risk.