Fortnite players can ride blaster shots, but don't expect to survive

It's an old trick at this point, but in the early days of Fortnite's popularity, players would amuse themselves by riding a rocket shot by another player. This ride was fun for a number of reasons, plus it was made possible by the rocket's relatively slow speed. As it turns out, you can also ride blaster 'laser beams' shot from the new Star Wars weapon, but don't expect to survive.READ: Fortnite Star Wars crossover: What you need to know

With rocket riding, Fortnite players are able to jump off the projectile and, assuming it hasn't carried them over a low area where they'll take fall damage, jump off without dying.

Something far more difficult to pull off is bullet riding, which is the process in which a Fortnite player (accidentally) jumps at just the right moment to land on and ride a bullet.

As recently highlighted by a viral post on the FortniteBR subreddit, it is also possible to ride a laser beam shot from a Star Wars blaster weapon. Landing on one of these laser projectiles results in an extraordinary ride across the map, one that will guarantee death unless you're in Team Rumble or you happen to land in a deep body of water.

Riding a Stormtrooper Blaster bullet from r/FortNiteBR

If you find this incident amusing and hope to replicate it, don't delay. An Epic employee responded to the viral video above and said that the company will 'Order-66 this down,' meaning it'll eventually be fixed so that such accidental eliminations no longer take place.