Fortnite phone booth glitch causes players to ‘pray’ when knocked

Brittany A. Roston - May 15, 2020, 6:52 pm CDT
Fortnite phone booth glitch causes players to ‘pray’ when knocked

Sometimes the bugs that appear in Fortnite are annoying and other times they are quite interesting. The latest one, which involves the red phone booths scattered throughout the map, falls in the latter category. Players have discovered that if you get knocked by an opponent or the storm while inside of the changing booth, you’ll emerge from it ‘praying.’

The phone booths in Fortnite are, of course, the red changing booths in various locations where players can turn into either Ghost or Shadow henchmen. Rumor has it that these red booths will be replaced with blue ones in Chapter 2, Season 3 that enable players to switch to a different skin from their locker mid-game.

A Reddit post recently drew attention to a bug that likely isn’t experienced often — to trigger it, you have to be on a team and actively changing inside of the booth when you’re knocked. When this happens, the player will emerge in an odd kneeling position, hands up in front of their face as if it is praying.

Just Praying from r/FortNiteBR

Based on this video, this doesn’t exactly end the game; the player can still move around after emerging, but they’re stuck in the ‘prayer’ position, which may make it awkward to play. This is more advanced than the ‘floating hair’ glitch, which would cause some players’ hair to float several inches above their bald heads during a match.

The bug isn’t listed on Epic’s public Fortnite Trello bug tracker, meaning it may be a while before the company gets around to fixing this issue. If you want to try and replicate it yourself, you can wait for the storm to arrive, then hop in the nearest phone booth to emerge on your knees.

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