Fortnite patch notes v8.01: Buried Treasure leads to legendary loot

Right on time, Epic has delivered Fortnite's weekly patch, and this one tosses a very interesting item into the mix. Though today's v8.01 update isn't nearly as big as the patch that kicked off season 8 last week, it's still exciting thanks to the arrival of the Buried Treasure item. Though its function might not be all that surprising – it leads you to buried treasure like all good treasure maps do – we don't often see items like this added to the game.

In any case, let's dive into what Buried Treasure does and how you use it. It'll drop in the form of a treasure map from floor loot and chests, but it's a legendary item so don't expect to encounter it all that often. When you do manage to find one, using primary fire while you've got it equipped with show a dotted line pointing in the direction you need to head and light up the buried treasure chest with an in-game marker.

Once you've arrived at the location of the buried treasure, you'll need to dig it up using your pickaxe. Inside the chest you unearth is a variety of legendary items, so you can become pretty well equipped to win a game by finding it.

Aside from the addition of Buried Treasure, Epic has also implemented a new limited time game mode called Slide Duos. In this mode, you and a partner will have permanent ice blocks on your feet and a Grappler with infinite ammo. Friction has been greatly reduced and max run speed has been greatly increased, so be prepared to be zipping around the map in this mode.

As far as miscellaneous changes are concerned, Bottle Rockets have been vaulted and the chance of finding both the Infantry Rifle and the Clinger have been reduced. You can read all about today's patch over on the official Fortnite site, but otherwise head down to the comments section and tell us what you think of the new Buried Treasure item.