Fortnite patch notes summon the Infinity Blade

Just as Epic's teases earlier in the week suggested, the Infinity Blade has come to Fortnite. Judging from Epic's description of the Infinity Blade, it seems like it's a supremely powerful weapon that won't be a permanent addition to the game. It's also only one part of this latest Fortnite patch, so let's dive into what it adds.

The Infinity Blade is described as a "mythic" weapon, so in a lot of ways, its similar to the Infinity Gauntlet from Fortnite's Avengers crossover earlier in the year. Only one Infinity Blade spawns per match, and you'll find it on Polar Peak. While wielding the Infinity Blade, your primary fire button performs a slash attack that deals 75 damage to players and destroys buildings. Alternate fire, on the other hand, allows you to leap "great distances" and destroy the objects you collide with.

Like the Infinity Gauntlet, you'll get bonus health and shields while you're using the Infinity Blade. You'll also move faster and gain 50 health every time you kill an opponent. It sounds like it's going to be a chore to take out the person who is wielding the Infinity Blade, but doing so means you get to claim the sword for yourself.

We're also seeing the return of the Close Encounters LTM with this patch. In this mode, the only weapons you'll be able to use are Shotguns, though it sounds like all variants will be available. You'll also find plenty of Jetpacks, so use those to get up close to your enemies and dispatch them with your boomstick.

As of this patch, Creative mode is now available to all players, and Epic has even added a fifth island that houses The Block. User creations that are made on The Block have a chance at being featured on the Battle Royale map, so now that everyone has access to Creative mode, it's time to get to building.

Epic has actually made a long list of changes and additions to Creative mode with this patch, which isn't really surprising considering that the company said at launch that this is a work-in-progress feature. You can read all of the changes in Epic's full patch notes, but otherwise, head down to the comments section and let us know what you think of the Infinity Blade's arrival!