Fortnite patch notes have bad news for Drum Gun fans

The weekly Fortnite patch has landed, and this time around, things are relatively quiet. With last week's patch being a massive one that kicked off a new event, added a limited-time game mode, tweaked rarity settings, and added a new item, this week's patch seems very small by comparison. There's still a new gun to look forward to, so let's dive into the stats for the Suppressed Assault Rifle.

As you might expect given the name, the Suppressed Assault Rifle will be a good weapon to use when you need to exercise a little discretion. Epic's patch notes say that the Suppressed Assault Rifle is a "sneaky weapon that rewards trigger discipline with precision," so don't expect to shower your enemies with bullets while using it.

The Suppressed Assault Rifle drops in epic and legendary variants, so you probably won't encounter it all that often. It's included in the floor loot, vending machine, treasure chest, and supply drop loot tables, so when it does drop, it can appear pretty much anywhere on the map. It does 32/33 damage depending on the rarity, so as long as your precision is on point, you have the potential to do some serious damage with this weapon.

As one weapon is added, another one is taken away. Epic has decided to vault the Drum Gun, removing it from the game with no indication of when it'll return (if it does at all). We have a feeling that most Fortnite players will be happy to hear that the Drum Gun is gone, as it was an absolute terror to deal with in-game. If you've been at the receiving end of the Drum Gun too many times, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you boot up Fortnite today.

Who knows? Perhaps Epic will give the Drum Gun the same treatment it gave the Guided Missile and bring it back to the game once it's gone through a balancing period? We'll have to wait and see what happens, but for now, be sure to read through Epic's full patch notes to see all of the miscellaneous changes in this week's update.