Fortnite patch notes detail Quadcrasher vehicle, new Events tab

Eric Abent - Oct 16, 2018, 3:31 pm CDT
Fortnite patch notes detail Quadcrasher vehicle, new Events tab

A new Fortnite patch has landed, and with it comes a lot of noteworthy additions. The first big addition in Fortnite version 6.10 is the Quadcrasher, a new vehicle that’s all about destruction. We knew the Quadcrasher was on the way, as Epic started advertising it on Fortnite‘s in-game news pop-up a few days ago like it usually does with incoming items and weapons.

The Quadcrasher seats two players – so if you’re playing squads you’ll want to find a pair of them – and builds boost while its being driven. You can use that boost to get a burst a speed when the meter is full, but that isn’t the only thing it’s good for. While that speed boost is active, you’ll be able to smash through buildings and send other players flying if you hit them, so making good use of your accumulated boost could turn a battle in your favor.

Fortnite version 6.10 also brings the addition of a new Events tab on the main menu. It’s here that you’ll find open competitions for anyone looking to participate in some more serious games. By selecting Events, you’ll see all of the tournaments that are coming up, along with their scheduled dates and start times.

“Every scheduled session is a completely clean slate with all players on equal footing at the beginning of play,” Epic says. As you play, you (or your team if you’re playing in a duos or squads tournament) will earn points based on match ranking and eliminations. As you progress through a session, you’ll be matched against players with similar scores, so matches should get harder the longer you stay in the running. Epic says that it eventually wants to implement prizes into tournaments, so it might not be a bad idea to find a regular squad and get to practicing.

There have been a number of miscellaneous tweaks made to both Fortnite in general and the Disco Domination LTM, so check out Epic’s full patch notes for more on those. On top of all that, Epic has temporarily removed the Port-a-Fortress to address an issue with it, buffing the drop rate of the Port-a-Fort to compensate while the Port-a-Fortress is gone. There’s no word on when the Port-a-Fortress might return, but we’ll keep an eye out for more. Stay tuned.

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