Fortnite patch notes: Chiller Grenade, 4 weapons vaulted

Just as anticipated, Fortnite's weekly update is now live, and Epic has detailed it extensively in a new set of patch notes. The Chiller Grenade – which Epic has been teasing in-game – is this week's new item, and it sounds like it can cause some havoc on the battlefield. There are a few other additions worth talking about, so let's dive in.

The Chiller Grenade seems to work just like Fortnite's Chiller Pad, only in throwable form. Hitting an enemy with the Chiller Grenade will knock them back and freeze their feet, making both recovery from the blast and aiming difficult. Their feet will stay frozen for seven seconds, giving you a large window of time to take advantage of their sudden mobility problems.

The Chiller Grenade has the same effect on vehicles, but it will also freeze the feet of your allies as well, so keep that in mind when playing in duos or squads. They're common rarity, so expect to find them all over the place as floor loot. Finally, they don't seem to do any damage, so you'll need to be prepared to follow up on the blast from the grenade with other forms of weaponry.

This week's limited-time game mode is Solid Gold, which we've seen a few times before. Solid Gold is essentially the game's core battle royale mode, but with a few key differences in that all weapon drops are legendary and material gathering rates have been increased. Expect intense battles where the weapons do a ton of damage and build fights go on for a while.

That's it for this week's new additions, but as always, there are some miscellaneous changes worth talking about as well. The Suppressed SMG has been freed from the vault, while the Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, the Burst Rifle, the Heavy Shotgun, and the standard SMG have all entered it. Epic has also added Bluetooth Controller support on iOS and Android, so you might want to consider using that functionality if you're struggling to play with touchscreen controls. You can read about all of the changes over on Epic's website, but otherwise, watch out for those Chiller Grenades.