Fortnite Operation: Sky Fire finale teaser hints at big Mothership secret

Epic has published a teaser video for its big Fortnite finale scheduled to happen this weekend. The event, which is called Operation: Sky Fire, will mark the end of Chapter 2 – Season 7, ushering in the game's mysterious Season 8 and whatever story it will bring. The new video doesn't show us any action, but instead hints at a big mystery lurking in the Mothership.

The new teaser is a 'Hot Saucer' video in which the narrator suggests The Imagined Order's Doctor Slone may not be who she has presented herself to be. As well, the video indicates that the IO's plan to stop the alien invasion may be thwarted by a big surprise lurking deep in the Mothership, the giant UFO positioned above the battle royale island.

If you can't watch the video, here's a transcript of the Hot Saucer message:

Hey, I hear you're planning to save the day with your buddy, Dr. Slone. Part of me is super relieved, and the other is...honestly, really, really scared for you. I don't trust Slone. Just be careful. Take care of yourself, don't count on her to do it.

And there's something else. There might be something on that ship that not even Slone knows about. I don't want to lead you down a panic spiral, but whatever you think the worst thing ever is, this may be way, way...

The message cuts off before it can finish, but the message is clear: there may be something surprising and dangerous on the Mothership, and players will get to see whatever it is during Operation: Sky Fire. The finale will involve players who queued into the match invading the Mothership to stop the aliens.

Epic noted earlier this month that there won't be a replay for this finale, so you must be sure to log into the game and get into a playlist match early if you want to participate. It's still unclear whether the game's next season will start immediately or if there will be a waiting period. Find all the finale details here.