Fortnite on iPhone is back thanks to NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Although Epic Games has long bemoaned the state of affairs on app stores, particularly the Apple App Store, it was Fortnite's banishment from iOS that became the metaphorical straw that broke the camel's back. This event gave rise to a number of lawsuits not just in the US but also around the world, challenging the legality of Apple's App Store practices. The battle is far from over despite existing judgments, and Fortnite remains officially absent from iOS. Amid all of this, NVIDIA's GeForce NOW streaming platform will bring the battle royale game back to the iPhone and iPad in an indirect way.

Fortnite on Mobile Redux

This is a rather bold announcement from NVIDIA, one that Apple might not take sitting down. The iPhone maker already keeps a watchful eye on streaming services trying to establish roots on its mobile platform, particularly in how they could circumvent blocks it has in place. Making Fortnite available on Apple devices through a game streaming platform could be one such case it doesn't let pass without comment.

NVIDIA is also doing something rather new with this Fortnite announcement. The popular battle royale game is already available on its GeForce NOW service and can already be played on Android. The difference is that this pre-existing version of Fortnite is the PC version of the game, while the new version, which is under limited-time closed beta testing, is a mobile variant that has been optimized for touch controls.

Touch and Go

NVIDIA says that Fortnite is just the opening salvo, and it is working with other publishers to bring more touch-enabled games to the streaming service. This could definitely help GeForce NOW grow since it would mean more games will be playable on mobile without having to connect a gamepad. Compared to other game streaming services, NVIDIA GeForce NOW probably has the most coverage as far as compatible devices and platforms are concerned, including on the Xbox, thanks to Microsoft Edge support, and on LG webOS smart TVs.

The closed beta for this touch-friendly Fortnite on Android and iOS has already begun, but you'll have to join what may already be a long waitlist to get in. You can register for both iOS and Android betas, but NVIDIA warns that switching to the touch-optimized version of Fortnite on Android means losing access to the PC version with keyboard and mouse support. The company hasn't announced a date for the end of the closed beta, so interested mobile gamers might want to try their luck as soon as possible.