Fortnite Nexus War event confirmed: Date and what we know

Epic Games has finally confirmed the details for its upcoming 'Nexus War' event in Fortnite, one that will wrap up the Marvel crossover with Galactus arriving on the battle royale island. This event is expected to be massive and, based on some leaks, it may even result in yet another island change.

Epic tweeted a confirmation of the Nexus War event on Sunday, November 22, revealing that it will take place at 4PM ET on December 1. Players have only days left to finish their challenges and unlock all of the battle pass items before they disappear.

As expected, the players will have to work together to 'save the island,' and though Epic doesn't say as much, that's because Galactus is making his way to the battle royale island. The super-villain has been visible in the battle royale sky for weeks, slowly getting closer.

Galactus, of course, is known as the 'devourer of worlds' in the Marvel universe, fueling rumors that Epic plans to get rid of its latest island and replace it with another one for Season 5. The company hasn't confirmed whether that will happen, of course, but the idea isn't without reason.

Epic's tweet suggests that players themselves will be tasked with helping fight Galactus, indicating that this may be a more interactive event than past ones — but that's not yet confirmed. The company will likely drop additional teasers for the event in the coming days leading up to December 1.