Fortnite MLB Players Cup launches today: How to stream the event

Several Major League Baseball players will compete in a Fortnite Duos tournament today in an effort to win cash for charity. The event will take place over two days and will be live-streamed for anyone to watch by ESPN. Fortnite esports fans will have multiple options for watching, including YouTube, Twitch, and through the ESPN app.Fortnite tournaments for charity are nothing new — in fact, the MLB has previously held players tournaments. This weekend's MLB Players Cup event will involve professional baseball players who will get a chance to show off their battle royale skills for 'bragging rights.' The tournament involves a $300,000 prize pool that will go to charity.

The MLB Players Cup will take place on December 6 and December 7, with today's event starting at 2PM ET. You can tune into the event through the video embedded above or, as mentioned, through the ESPN app or Twitch if you prefer either of those platforms. Winning teams will get to choose the charities that'll receive their winnings.

Epic has heavily invested in Fortnite esports gameplay, including major competitions and charity events, the latter of which tends to be more fun to watch. The event comes only days after the Season 5 release and the map changes that came with it.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 features new biomes, including a huge quicksand pit that sucks in players and hides them under a small mound of sand. Epic has temporarily disabled that mechanic, however, due to a game-breaking bug that made some players invincible.