Fortnite leaker shares full Doomsday Device image as event nears

If you're a Fortnite player, you can navigate to the character Midas's room in the Battle Pass screen. Visible behind the character is a slowly evolving orb referred to as the 'Doomsday Device,' one that has changed considerably over the past couple of weeks. The device is mostly hidden behind a wall, but one popular Fortnite leaker has shown it off in all of its glory.

We're only days away from the end of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2, which is scheduled to end on June 4. Players are anticipating a massive flood that will supposedly cover the island, ushering in a water-themed season three that may include robotic shark vehicles and a number of other big changes.

One big part of the current season's storyline is the Midas Doomsday Device, which has slowly become more active with increasingly larger cables running off of it. Known game data miner HYPEX recently shared a screenshot of the Doomsday Device on Twitter, giving players a complete look at the machine and its surrounding environment.

The image supposedly shows the second stage in the device's evolution. The same leaker found evidence of a planned countdown in the game's files while spedicey1, a different leaker, claimed in a tweet this week that the timer will appear over The Agency.

It's unknown at this time when the Doomsday Event will take place, but the countdown is expected to start any day now. According to HYPEX, the Doomsday Device will disappear from Midas's room before the event takes place, so that could be a useful indicator for when the action is about to heat up.