Fortnite leaker reveals four new LTMs, including tank battle royale

It seems that Epic may be gearing up to address complaints about its relative lack of Limited Time Modes in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3. According to a new major leak from game data-miners, Fortnite may soon get four new LTMs as part of an upcoming update, though not all of them appear to be terribly creative. The leak comes from a data-miner with a solid reputation for revealing Fortnite changes before they're made official.

It wasn't too long into Fortnite's existence that Epic Games started introducing Limited Time Modes, which are more commonly called 'LTMs.' These modes feature temporary games that are different from the regular battle royale and Creative gameplay, including — on occasion — some truly unique, fun experiences. Team Rumble was itself an LTM at one point before being made permanent.

As any player will have noticed by now, the game has been lacking in LTM rotation over the past year, something that could perhaps be due to the pandemic's impact on workflows. Regardless, data-miner HYPEX on Twitter has leaked four alleged new LTM modes called Polaris, Tank Battle, Rags to Riches, and Payback.

Each leak provides brief details on the alleged game modes, including how they work. Some of the LTMs do not sound terribly interesting, though they may find an audience — Rags to Riches, for example, includes all gray loot that is randomly upgraded when the play eliminates someone. In payback, meanwhile, players are rewarded with two eliminations when they eliminate an opponent that has been marked for payback.

These new game modes are only part of the huge info drop HYPEX has published on Twitter this week, other examples including images of this weekend's Galaxy wrap on actual items, new types of Floppers, gas cans for cars, how players will be damaged by cars, a new type of Trap item, and more.