Fortnite leak reveals the Toon Meowscles skin Epic has been teasing

Fortnite's ripped, adorable cat skin Meowscles is about to get a big cartoon makeover. Players know to expect the skin — Epic has been teasing it on its Twitter account. One of the official Fortnite Twitter accounts took things a bit farther, however, when it accidentally tweeted out the upcoming variant before quickly deleting the content.

The cartoon Meowscles plan is a bit unusual — it is styled after 1950s' era cartoons and, we can't help but notice, the style is also found in hit game Cuphead. Epic has provided a look at the art style for its upcoming Meowscles variant, but the actual skin was leaked by the Fortnite France account.

The Cartoon Meowscles skin will keep his emote, but the muscle show-off will include some cartoony effects that pair well with the vaguely Felix-like appearance. The audio included with the animation doesn't seem to apply to the emote and it's unlikely it'll be included with the release, but you never know.

Game data-miners previously found evidence that Fishstick and Peely will also get the retro toon makeover, but those characters haven't yet leaked. Presumably Epic plans to release these items in the Item Shop, but the vintage-style loading screen hints that maybe something a bit bigger is in the pipeline.

Now that Epic is teasing the retro makeover itself, it's likely we'll see an official announcement about the Toon variants and whether they're part of some larger tie-in or set. Keep an eye on Epic's official Fortnite Twitter account for when the announcement drops.