Fortnite leak reveals The Agency destroyed by The Device event

Assuming there doesn't end up being another last-minute delay, Fortnite players will finally get witness The Device, the end-of-Season-2 event that Epic has planned for this upcoming Monday. The event will shed light on the Season 2 storyline and reveal what Midas has been up to, something that, speculation has it, will result in the partial destruction of The Agency.

Epic has delayed the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 multiple times, the most recent being due to the ongoing protests. We've seen a number of leaks over past weeks, ones that all but confirm a flood-based themed for Season 3. Ahead of that release will come The Device, an event that will happen in real-time to reveal what Midas has been building.

Players have anticipated that Midas will blow something up with his machine, perhaps triggering a series of changes that lead to the island being flooded. A new leak published on Twitter indicates that it will be The Agency that faces this destruction, though parts of its will still stand — assuming the leak is correct, of course.

The images show renderings created in Blender based on information pulled from the Fortnite game files. It's unclear how this destruction takes place and what role it will play in the story. It is possible that the ruins of this relatively new POI will remain in Season 3, but it's just as likely that Epic will remove them.

Unfortunately, The Device event is now scheduled to take place on Monday, June 15, instead of on the weekend. This was an unfortunate change as fewer players will be able to catch the event live compared to a weekend drop, but the impact may be diminished by summer break and stay home orders.