Fortnite leak reveals several possible Season 6 skins early

Fortnite players are eagerly awaiting the launch of the game's next season on March 16, one that Epic recently shared some details about on one of its Twitter accounts. Though we don't yet know what all Epic has planned for the launch, a new leak showcases multiple skins that are allegedly in the pipeline for release.

Though many game leaks result from either accidental early posts from Epic or from game data-miners who search through update code, the latest drop comes from an ArtStation account belonging to art production studio Kevuru Games, which worked on some of the artwork for Fortnite Season 10.

On a web page the company has dedicated to Fortnite, the company explains that it developed around 120 skin concepts for the battle royale game over the course of around 10 months. That's why a new image shared on the company's ArtStation account around a week ago has caught players' attention: the characters look an awful lot like Fortnite skins.

A total of eight skins are featured in the image, which has been live on the account for more than a week now. The fact the artwork was published publicly indicates that these skins may just be concepts that were introduced but that didn't ultimately make the Season 6 slate.

Alternatively, these may be Season 6 Item Shop skins rather than Battle Pass offerings, in which case Epic may not be as protective about keeping them a secret. It remains unclear at this time what Epic has planned for Season 6, though it did reveal earlier this week that the new installment will kick off with the game's first solo experience.