Fortnite leak reveals Recycler weapon that turns junk into bombs

The current Fortnite season arrived only yesterday, but game data miners have already picked through the code and found some tantalizing hints at future additions. Specifically, one new leak has revealed possible weapons that may arrive on the battle royale island soon, including one that transforms 'junk' into bombs.Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 is called Primal, and for a good reason: the Zero Point event cast the island back to a primitive age, one full of relics and ruins from the modern era. Players hunt wildlife for bones and meat, break down old rusty cars for mechanical parts, and craft their makeshift weapons into something more powerful.

The launch of a season is only the start — Epic has demonstrated many times that it will save some of the big additions for later on, after players have gotten over the initial excitement of a new map and storyline. New weapons are typically part of the changes that arrive in the first couple of weeks after a season launches.

Known game data-miner HYPEX has shared some information on what kind of weapons Epic may be planning to release in the game soon, including a Recycler weapon that will draw in some other items, transform them into a junk bomb, and then shoot them out at opponents.

The Recycler weapon resembles a powerful leafblower and was visible in the Battle Pass trailer — it's the weapon wielded by the giant Easter Egg chicken skin. It's unclear when the item may arrive in the game, but its presence in the game code and battle pass trailer indicates we probably won't have to wait long.