Fortnite leak reveals crazy new weapons, including a heavy sword

The arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 included a launch trailer, and as expected, players have picked through that launch material for hints about what may be destined to arrive in coming weeks. One such item players noticed is a new shotgun, but it seems that isn't the only weapon that may be arriving soon.

The new Fortnite season introduced something called Exotic weapons, which players can purchase from NPCs using the gold bars that drop when players are killed and certain materials are harvested. It seems Epic has plans to introduce many Exotic weapons this season, at least based on file names found by game data miner FortTory.

The leaked weapon names reveal a variety of Exotic weapons, as well as other items in Rare to Epic rarities. It's possible we won't see all of these items ultimately end up in the game, but the discovery hints at what Epic may have planned regarding this season's loadout.

Among the discoveries is a Western Shotgun (possibly the one visible in the image above), as well as 'Shotgun Swing,' which is entirely too ambiguous to decipher. Perhaps the most interesting discovery was the mention of a new melee weapon — a heavy sword, one that will, presumably, be far less powerful than the last sword we got in the game.

Lastly, there's mention of a Dragon Breath Sniper rifle, which seemingly made an appearance in the launch trailer, and a Frozen SMG, which may possibly be something that'll arrive during this year's Winterfest event. Only time will tell how many of these weapons will ultimately arrive in the game, however.