Fortnite leak hints next Tilted Towers may be made entirely of cubes

The latest season of Fortnite is all about cubes — big ones, small ones, and even a mysterious highly-mobile yellow one. New cubes keep appearing on the map, some of them as little baby cubes, and they're seemingly moving around, leaving damaged landscape and purple speckles all over the place. What is the point of all these cubes? They're going to form their own major city, at least according to a new leak.

The big Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 finale was packed full of cubes, many of which ended up on the now heavily damaged battle royale island. These cubes are mostly dormant, but they do tend to move around at times, particularly the yellow cube that has been spotted piping raw electricity into the scattered purple cubes.

Multiple leaks about the game's current Chapter 2 – Season 8 have indicated that a new Point of Interest is inbound, something players had hoped would arrive with this week's big version 18.10 game update. That wasn't the case, but a popular Fortnite data-miner with a solid track record of leaks has provided an alleged look at the upcoming POI.

HYPEX shared a rudimentary mockup of the alleged new Cube Town city, which looks like a sprawling metropolis that may satisfy players' demands for a return of the classic POI Tilted Towers — the Cube Town layout looks similar to Tilted Towers in many ways.

The leak claims the upcoming Cube Town POI will be packed full of chests, no doubt making it a hot spot for players looking to get quick action and potentially score a high-end loadout. It remains unclear when the new POI — whatever it will ultimately be — will arrive on the island, but given the uptick in cube activity, it may not be long.