Fortnite leak hints at major Midas Doomsday Device event

Brittany A. Roston - May 8, 2020, 6:55 pm CDT
Fortnite leak hints at major Midas Doomsday Device event

Fortnite players have started speculating about Epic’s plans for its big Chapter 2, Season 2 finale, one that will hopefully feature a big event to usher in the third season. There’s no official word on what Epic may have planned, but players are anticipating something big that may involve the ‘Doomsday Device’ that it seems the main character Midas is building.

Midas, the final unlockable character in the Season 2 Battle Pass, is seen as the chief villain in the second season’s spy games; he slowly turns gold and leaves behind gold weapons when played. Fortnite players are speculating about what brought Midas and his team to the island and what they may be looking for.

Underwater structures appeared in the waters around The Agency recently; they have since started to glow, indicating that some kind of work is taking place underground. At the same time, existing game materials indicate that Midas is building some type of machine that players are referring to as a ‘Doomsday Device.’

A recent leak from game data-miner HYPEX reveals future stages of the machine’s construction, indicating that it plays some sort of role in what is expected to be a future end-of-season event. These events have become a common way for Epic to end one season and bring in an entirely new one, often with a new or evolved storyline.

The machine’s progress is indicated by the growing presence of large, long cables, the kind you’d find underwater. Players speculate that Midas may use this contraption to flood the game’s island, a finale that was recently leaked by game streamer Tabor Hill in a video earlier this week. According to that leak, the island will be mostly covered in water and will feature robotic sharks.

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