Fortnite leak hints at entirely new way to get Arena points

Fortnite has just entered its fourth season of Chapter 2, giving fans a new major crossover — this one involving Marvel rather than Star Wars. The new season has captured players' attention, understandably, allowing one potentially big leak to fly under the radar: a new Arena mode. It seems that Epic may soon offer players a community-based way to earn Arena points.

Before the modern version of Creative was a thing, Fortnite players were heading into Playground and using it to create their own types of unique games. This early community-based effort paved the way for the Creative mode we have today, including the unique array of games that use the battle royale items and physics for new types of challenges.

One persistently possible type of gameplay developed by the community is known as a box fight, which is essentially the same as what some players call a 'build battle.' Rather than playing on an established map, players are put on a flat surface where they quickly build their own structures, making edits and changes rapidly while attempting to anticipate their opponent's moves.

This type of fight is unique to Fortnite as it is based on the game's building functions. Soon enough, players may be able to prove their build-battle skills and earn Arena points at the same time, giving them a new way to participate in competitions. That speculation is based on a recent leak from Fortnite leaks Twitter user "FNBRHQ" who shared the image below:

There's no additional information about the leak, and Epic, of course, has not commented on it. It's possible the image was part of a test that will never be released as a finalized product, or it could be a sign that Epic is gearing up to give players an official box fight mode in Arena.